For ATA DAY 2023 we have a new Cross Over Event that is running from September 22, 2023 until October 6 2023!

Getting Started

1. Download Single City!


2. Sign into your ATA ID in both PIMD and Single City.

You MUST have an ATA ID connected to both PIMD and Single City to earn rewards. Make sure it's the exact same ATA ID!
Ataid Setup Example

Other Questions?

Check out the Forums for more details or read below!

I already have a Single City account – can I use that for this event?

Yes! You will not need to make a new account to be eligible for rewards. You will be granted rewards (once the appropriate requirements are met) retroactively. Nobody is getting left out!

Do I need an ATA ID to participate?

Absolutely! Yes! A thousand times, yes! Be sure both your Single City and PIMD accounts are connected with the same ATA ID.

Will I get BOTH avatars or have to choose?

You'll earn both the Femme and Masc ATA Day Avatars for completing the Cross Over Event!

How long do we have to earn these singularly cool rewards?

This event officially begins at Noon Pacific Time on September 22nd, 2023 and will end at Noon Pacific Time on October 6th, 2023. Rewards will be sent to all players that completed the requirements on October 7th, 2023.

Why aren’t my rewards in my PIMD account yet?!

This Crossover Event is a little bit different than our last ones. There is one tier of completion and rewards will be sent to everyone at the end of the event!

Once we start to send the rewards out on October 7th, it may take a bit of time for everyone to get theirs, so best to wait until October 8th before you write in!