What is going on?
During our busiest times of year, like Black Friday, Valentines Day and Fourth of July,  you may notice that actions in game take a bit longer than usual to perform. Sorry about that.

This is because we have tons of folks all on at the same time opening boxes, hitting parties and having fun!
We regularly make improvements to reduce the impact of lag and slow actions, and always have our best engineers monitoring the game during these times, but you may still notice some issues.

Behaviours you may notice during busy times but are normal are:

  • Equipped Furniture may not show up in your dorm room
  • Bars in Parties take a bit longer to register your hit
  • Pub Chat and Campus Chat takes a while to update.
  • Cash Payouts don't show up right away (they will show up don't worry!)
  • Items may not show up in your showcase right away (they will show up don't worry!

These issues are largely visual in nature, and once things calm down, they will return to normal, so we ask you please be patient as we do our best to make sure the game runs smoothly for all of you!