The Relationship Leaderboard is a special mechanic available during the 2023 Valentine's Day Hunt, "Questions of the Heart". 

REMINDER: During this hunt Relationship requests are free! So find your best match out there ;)

♥️How does it work?♥️

STEP 1 ❥ Complete POTD/PPOTD and Premium Parties to collect the Long Distance Gifts Side Story Drops.
❥ STEP 2 ❥ When you're ready to commit, you and your RS should each hit the player named Matchmaker (NO SPACES)!
❥ STEP 3 ❥ Once you hit the Matchmaker, your combined number of Long Distance Gift hunt drops will create Red Roses which track your progress on the leaderboard!
❥ STEP 4 ❥ Receive EXTRA Red Roses based on how ✨ compatible ✨ you and your RS really are!

♥️How do I find the Matchmaker?♥️

Remember when looking for the Matchmaker, DON'T USE SPACES! Just so there's no confusion, here is how you can find them:

♥️How are Red Rose Drops Calculated?♥️

Red roses are the combined amount of Long Distance Gifts you and your RS have when you hit the Matchmaker PLUS any bonuses from your Compatability score. To update your Red Rose count, hit the Matchmaker again!
redrose count
 There is a cap on how many Long Distance Gifts will be converted into Red Roses, regardless of how many you and your RS have combined. If you only have 10 and your RS has 1000, you won't suddenly have 1010 X your Compatibility Bonus.

♥️Final Details♥️

❥ You and your RS will collect your own hunt drops (Long Distance Gifts) like usual.
❥ Hitting the Matchmaker will count your combined amount of Long Distance Gifts and give you Red Roses!
❥ After hitting the Matchmaker, you will keep the same amount of Long Distance Gifts in addition to your new Red Roses.
❥ You only get one compatibility bonus per RS! If you think you can do better, you will need to find a new RS!
❥ Every time you hit the Matchmaker, it will check how many Long Distance Gifts you and your RS currently have and update your count of Red Roses based on that.
❥ Hitting the Matchmaker repeatedly DOES NOT generate more Red Roses, you'll only get more if you have collected more Long Distance Gifts first.
❥ The player with the most Red Roses by the end of the event tops the Leaderboard!