What is it?

The VIP Token Exclusive Shop is a NEW section of the PIMD Shop that allows you to exchange VIP Tokens for Stat Items and Furniture!  These items can only be acquired with the use of these VIP tokens for the time being. 

How do I get VIP Tokens?

Vip Token

VIP Tokens can be acquired by subscribing to the NEW Booster Subscription Plans! 
These plans will grant you VIP Tokens Daily in your reward box.

These new plans are avilable in-app in the Plans section of the shop or  through the PIMD Web Store!

What is available in the VIP Token Exclusive Shop?

Check out the amazing Furniture and Stat Items below!


furniture breakdown


Stat Items

stat items

For more info please check out the forum post about New Booster Subscription Plans.

Are Items and Furniture in the VIP Exclusive Token Shop Tradeable/Upgradeable?
No, these items and furniture will not be trade-able and the furniture already have boosted stats, so they won't be upgradeable.