The following details are if you are curious about the details of previous Cross-Over Events.

Getting Started

Quinn's just opened a portal to another dimension! Totally on purpose!

Experience student life at the Wakehollow Academy of Arcana! Join a club and party with other freshman magicians until the catsiths come home. But don't be late with your elementalism class assignments…the professor's a real demon!

Step through Quinn's portal and get ready for a truly bewitching student exchange program!

Rewards will begin to be sent out starting at 1:30PM PST March 17,2023 and then will be sent every 2 hours. The rewards you receive will be based on the last Story Quest level you completed in Witch Arcana, so make sure to progress your Quest!

1. Download Witch Arcana

2. Sign into your ATA ID in both PIMD and Witch Arcana

You MUST have an ATA ID connected to both PIMD and Witch Arcana to earn rewards. Make sure it's the exact same ATA ID! See how this works below!


3. Upgrade your Great Hall to at least Level 2.

Play through the tutorial until your Great Hall  is  Level 2, and  a STORY QUEST will automatically pop up! Which will look like the below!

 Cross Over Story Quest  

If it doesn't pop up or you are already past Level 2:
1. Go to the Witch Arcana Menu
2. Tap Quest
3. Tap the New Header and you should see it there!

4. Keep Upgrading your Great Hall and checking back in PIMD!

Rewards will go out every 2 hours, but they won't start going out until at least March 17th, 2023.
Once you've received your first round of rewards, keep building your Great Hall and keep checking in PIMD for the awesome rewards!!!

PLEASE NOTE: The Rewards you receive are based off the last Story Quest in Witch Arcana that you have tapped Continue on. So make sure to build your Great Hall and then Update the quest, by hitting Continue!

Other Questions?

Check out the Forums for more details or read below!

I already have a Witch Arcana account – can I use that for this event?

Yes! You will not need to make a new account to be eligible for rewards. You will be granted rewards (once the appropriate requirements are met) retroactively. Nobody is getting left out!

How do I start a new account if I already have one?

To disconnect your old account and start a new account, please send in a ticket to the Witch Arcana support team and they’ll start you off with a new account!

Do I need an ATA ID to participate?

Absolutely! Yes! A thousand times, yes! Be sure both your Witch Arcana and PIMD accounts are connected with the same ATA ID.How long do we have to earn these singularly cool rewards?
This event officially begins at 1 PM Pacific Time on October 12th and will end at 1 PM Pacific Time on November 12th.

I reached
[insert Great Hall level here] – why aren’t my rewards in my PIMD account yet?!

First, make sure your Witch Arcana and PIMD accounts are connected with the same ATA ID. That’s how we’ll know which PIMD account to give rewards to!

Next, make sure your Great Hall is at least Level 2 so you would have been able to start the Witch Arcana Crossover quest.

If all that is good and still no rewards, make sure you have completed the Story quest and have seen the dialogue in the latest stage of your Crossover story quest.

Finally, it is important to remember that these rewards will be going out at set intervals. We will be distributing rewards every TWO HOURS starting gradually at 1:30pm PST March 17th! If you haven't logged into PIMD in two hours, you will receive your rewards the next time rewards are being given out (every two hours) 🙌!