How do I sign up?

Booster Subscription Plans are available via the PIMD Web Store and In-Game.

PIMD Web Store

On the Web Store just login and scroll down to plans!
There is now a link to the PIMD Web Store. from the top of the Forums to make it easier than ever to find!


Incase you need a refresher on how the Web Store works 😉

 What should I know about Web Store Subscriptions?

Are there any benefits to purchasing subscriptions on the Web Store?
YES! Like everything else on the PIMD Web Store, there is a discount by purchasing there!

Can I have subscriptions on multiple accounts on the same device?
Yes! This is best done through the PIMD Web Store as you can have each subscription tied to a different ATA ID. Just remember these will all use different ATA ID Emails and Passwords for logging in, so make sure you know which is tied to which account!

Please note Apple only allows one subscription per App per Apple ID, so you could have one through Apple and the others through the PIMD Web Store!

If I make a Yearly Subscription purchase will it charge me immediately?
Yes, yearly subscription options are billed up front on the day of purchase and then last the length of time stated. So you can make the purchase now and then not have to make another payment until the current Subscription Cycle ends/renews.

Will I get Reward Points for Subscription Purchases?
No, reward points are specifically for individual purchases.

Can I subscribe for more than one month at once on a single account?
Yes! You have a few options for renewing your plan.
1. Renew Monthly
2. Renew Quarterly (every 3 months) - In Game Only!
3. Renew Yearly for the BIGGEST discount! - Web Only!

How can I check how much time I have left on my subscription?
You should have an idea how much time remains, based on the timers on the Temporary Bonuses section on your Profile Screen.

 To see this in-game:
1. Tap your Avatar
2. Scroll down to Temporary Bonuses
3. Tap View All
4. Tap a specific bonus to see how much time is left.
You can see this on the PIMD Web Store by:
1. Login to the Webstore
2. Scroll down to Plans
3. Tap Manage on the plan you are currently subscribed to.
4. Tap Details on your Subscription
5. On the fifth line you should see "Your Subscription is valid until :" 

What Should I know About OLD Subscriptions After New Subscriptions Launch?

Will my Old Cash/Drop Subscriptions automatically cancel?
When we do the FULL LAUNCH for all players, we will remove the Old Cash/Drop Subscriptions from the Store and they will automatically cancel on Monday May 1st, 2023.

For both Android and iOS:
Subscriptions will continue to the end of their Billing Cycle, and not renew. If you subscribed to a NEW Booster Subscription Plan during this time, the benefits will continue to stack until the Subscription runs out.

I still have days remaining on my VIP Lounge/ Cash Subscription/ Drop Subscription, can I purchase the new Subscription?
Yes! We don't want folks to miss out on additional days they have paid for, but we DO want y'all to try out the benefits of the new package! This means you can have both old and new plans at the same time and the benefits will stack additively.

What do you mean "Stack Additively"?
Stacking of Cash and Drop bonuses is Additive not Multiplicative this means if you have a 25% and a 50% bonus it would be Original Amount + (Original amount X 0.25) + (Original amount X 0.5) = Total Stacked Amount

Prize Tokens will also stack a bit differently, but essentially work out to earning 100 Prize Tokens per ad if you have both VIP lounge and the Gold Subscription.

When you receive Hourly Prize Tokens, there is a similar effect of about 5X the original expected tokens. (Example: When you earn 25 Hourly Prize tokens you will see "25+100", which equals "125 Prize Tokens" total).

I have both the VIP Lounge and the New Subscription, but when I watch ads it says I will only get X Prize Tokens?
Right now, the old VIP Lounge pop-up will still show up before watching ads. But as we said, the effects will stack, so you the number of tokens you see on the "You Earned" screen will be the accurate number.

I've subscribed to a NEW Booster Plan, but I can't open two boxes, pet capsules, or feed two pets?
If you are subscribed and don't see these options it means you need to Update your App.
If you are still having trouble after this please write in a help ticket!

How do I Manage New Subscription Plans?

First things first, it's helpful to know what an Upgrade/Downgrade/Cross-grade are.

What is an Upgrade?
An upgrade is when you subscribe to a plan that is higher than your current plan, like Bronze --> Silver or Silver --> Gold.  Upgrades purchased through the PIMD Web Store will take effect at the end of your current subscription cycle.

What is a Downgrade?
A downgrade is when you subscribe to a Package that is a lower tier than your current subscription. Example Silver--> Bronze or Gold --> Silver. Downgrades will happen at the end of the current subscription cycle on every platform.

What is a Cross-grade?
A Cross-grade is when you change your subscription renewal period from Monthly to Quarterly in-app or Monthly to Yearly on the Web Store.

How do I Cross-grade my plan from Monthly to Yearly?
Please note that when you upgrade from monthly to yearly, you will be charged right away for the lump sum amount of the yearly package and the package will begin once your current monthly package ends.

To upgrade follow these steps:
1. Login to the PIMD Web Store.
2. Scroll down to Plans.
3. Tap the Buy button under Yearly (on the right).
4. Tap Details.
5. Tap Change Plan.
6. Select the Yearly Plan.
7. Tap Confirm.
8. Finish by entering your payment details!

How do I un-subscribe?
Unsubscribing will prevent the subscription from renewing at the next purchase cycle date. It will not pro-rate the subscription to your day of cancellation.

To unsubscribe:
1. Login to thePIMD Web Store
2. Scroll down to Plans
3. Tap the Manage button
4. Tap Details
5. Tap Cancel
6. Select Confirm

I purchased a subscription on the PIMD Webstore on my main and it showed up on my alt?
This means that you logged into the PIMD Web Store with the ATA ID email you use on your alt.
Please write in a help ticket and we can help.

I purchased a subscription In-App, but want to purchase from the Web Store instead, and now I get an error?
Yes, to prevent confusion, you must cancel your subscription In-App (through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store) first, then wait for the subscription to run out, before you can change your purchase method to be through the Web Store.