The main goal in PIMD is to grow your dorm and make new friends!

As you play, you will collect ItemsFurniturePets and Avatars to personalize your look and increase your stats!

Getting started there are a few things you will want to do first:

        📢Set your Status Message
                This will help others know a little bit about you!

        🤗Add Friends
                This will help you grow your network!

        💪Complete Jobs
                Jobs are an easy way to earn cash when you get started.

        👯‍♂️Grow your Dorm Tower
                Renting rooms to Dormmates will build up your Strength and Intelligence stats!

        🎉Start Partying!!!
                The Starter Club is always running parties, and hitting in them is a quick way to make progress!

🥳 Now get out there and PARTY!!! 🥳

You can learn more about these topics by searching the Help Centre or checking out the Forums!