When players break the rules, instead of removing them from the game immediately, we usually provide a warning and Mute/Silence their account. For certain rule breaks we will move directly to the Disabling of an account.

Below are the categories for offences that ARE silenceable. You can find more specific examples in the Forum Silencing Policy here!

Please note, it's not possible to make a list of everything that could possibly be silenceable, so judgement calls will be made by Community Managers and Moderators where necessary.

Inappropriate Content
Posting/soliciting obscene, pornographic, excessively violent, harmful, discriminatory or sexually explicit content. This includes using emojis to create inappropriate art or messages.

Personal Information
Soliciting or sharing personally identifying information of other players or yourself in a public channel.
This information consists of Last Name, Age, Address, Workplace, School, Phone Number or Third Party Contact Information.

You can post your own first name, gender, age (17+), city, state/region, and country if you so choose, but remember once information is out there its hard to control, so be smart!

Underage and Soliciting Underage

17 year olds are allowed to play the game with consent from a parent, but they are not allowed to solicit sexual or inappropriate chat. Players found to be 17 and under and soliciting inappropriate chat, or soliciting players under 18 will have their accounts silenced and/or disabled.

If you are soliciting someone by age in campus you must specify 17+.
If you are soliciting someone by age in pub you must specify 18+.
Use of terms that are deemed to be a bypass for soliciting underage players will result in your account being disabled.

Third-Party Content

Posting links to referral programs, or sharing specific socials of other third-party applications not created by A Thinking Ape.

Bypassing with Intent to Harass
Intentionally circumventing our chat filters to post a message aimed at another player for the purpose of harassing them. Normal bypassing/swearing is allowed if it is generalized and not directed at others in a mean/aggressive way. Just because they are your friend, doesn't mean that it's not mean or aggressive, so you may still be silenced in those cases.

Posting messages or engaging in actions that discriminate, promote hate, violence, or advocate hatred or discrimination against individuals, groups, races, cultures, or organizations.

Falsely presenting yourself as a moderator, a member of the development or support teams or another player.

False Information
Spreading false information with the intent of misleading other players or disrupting gameplay. This includes public accusations.

Soliciting Pictures or Videos
Soliciting nudes in text or emoji form. This is not your OnlyFans so its not a place to solicit or sell nudes.

Soliciting or Showing Interest in In-Game Transactions
Advertising account selling, trading, gifting or sharing, as well as responding to these.
Transactions of any type involving any non-game currency (including, but not limited to real-world currency, gift cards, credit transactions, and cryptocurrencies) are not permitted and is subject to action at our discretion.

Encouraging Abuse
Encouraging other players to post content in violation of our Terms of Use.
Intentionally creating a disturbance, flame, or troll.

Spamming as an Individual or a Group
Spamming in general is only silenceable if it is done with the intent to disrupt chat negatively or harass other's.

Club Ad Spam
Misuse of the Club Ad feature is silenceable. This includes but is not limited to using the feature to spam chat.

The best guideline is:
Be a good person, do good things, and you'll pretty much be okay.