How can I set this up?

Please Note: This has only been released to a few Android players at the moment, so if you do not have access to 2 Factor Authentication yet, you'll have to wait until the full release! 😄

You only need to receive a two-factor authentication if you're setting a NEW ATA ID, if you're accessing a new device, or if you’ve logged out of an account and are logging back in. Here are the new 'New Account' and 'Log In' screens!  
And when you receive that verification code in your e-mail, this is the screen you'll need to put it into!

Why is my verification code not working?
If you put in the wrong verification code too many times, you will need to contact our team to help!

Your verification code also expires after 5 minutes so be ready for it! If the code expires, you will need to request a new one!

Note: This 2FA system will remember the device you log into for 30 days! During that time, you will not need to send a verification code if you're logging into the same device.