Please note that during the Dog Days of Summer Event running from August 15th-29th 2023, there will be NO SIDESTORIES!

Read below for more details!

There are a few changes we're trying out for this event. The amount of rewards is still the same (even a little bit more in some cases), but progression is slightly different. It won't always be like this - we like to try out new things from time to time! <3 Here's some of what you can expect:

  • There will be NO SIDESTORIES during this event. Usual side-story rewards, including avatars and items, will instead be combined into one big Main Competition!
  • Some rewards are attainable at lower tiers
  • The amount of items you need to collect for the Main Competition is the same as it always is!
  • There will be some weirdness with this many tiers in the same screen, where they overlap a bit! Sorry about that we'll try to have this fixed next time we run something like this!

  • If you are on Android you may not be able to scroll down to see the rewards for Tier 25, we've listed them below for you!

25th tier  
The 25th Tier rewards if you can't see them!

The cutest dang 25th Tier Stat Item you ever did see!

Hope you enjoy the event and change to mechanics.  Let us know what you think in the forum comments, on our discord or in the survey at the end of the event!