We're sorry to hear you aren't seeing any offers right now.

To troubleshoot:
  1. Check  that you have "enable mobile data for video ads" turned on in your PIMD settings.
  2. Check if you have an ad blocker activated on your device, or have ad tracking disabled.
  3. Disabling any VPN tools you may use, prior to opening the Offerwall.
Offer availability can also vary depending on factors determined by the third-party-company that manages it, Tapjoy. This is to ensure they are advertising the right things to the right audience, but it does mean you may not see the offers you are most interested in. These factors include things like:
  1. Geographical Location
  2. Device Type (Android/iOS)
  3. Time of day
  4. Previous ads you have engaged with.
If you would like to contact Tapjoy directly, you may do so HERE