Gifting is a method of doing a one-sided trade. You can buy a new item and gift it at the same time or send it from your showcase at a later time.

If an item is giftable, it should come up on the gifting screen.

When gifting another player, you can include a message that will be sent privately to the receiver.

Please make sure when you send a gift that you won't want it back!

Method 1: Player's Profile

STEP #1 - From the player's profile screen, tap on "Gift" on the bottom left corner

STEP #2 - After tapping on the "Gift" button, the gifting screen should display. Select the item you wish to gift.

STEP #3 - Once you're ready to send your gift,  can tap on the green "Send Gift" button on the bottom right.

STEP #4 - After sending your gift, you should receive a confirmation.

Method 2: Your Friend's List

STEP #1 - Pick the friend from the list that you wish to gift.

STEP #2 - Tap on the orange "Gift" button.

Method 3: Private Message Inbox

STEP #1 - Tap on the message thread of the player you want to gift

STEP #2 - Tap on the hamburger drop down menu from the top right

STEP #3 - Tap on the "Gift" button.