These Collectible Avatars each have 3 different Outfits!!!
Are you in your Goth Girl Era? Or are you feeling like some flannel?
Style Swap Boxes cost 399 EC🔶 in the 🛍Shop🛍 and $1000 Cash to open.
Each Style Swap Box contains 1 of 6 TRADEABLE  Fit Boxes with a GUARANTEED AVATAR!
Style Swap Boxes will be available for purchase until November 28 at Noon PST!

PLEASE NOTE: After November 28th, Style Swap Boxes will continue to be able to be opened and Fit Boxes will continue to be able to be traded!



Where do I find Style Swap Boxes?
These boxes can be purchased from the Shop for 399 ECs 🔶 .

What do you mean these avatars are Tradable?!?!
Each Style Swap Box you open has 1 of 6 Fit Boxes inside!
Fit Boxes are able to be traded away and contain a GUARANTEED Avatar!
Each box is clearly labeled so you know which one you are trading for!
How do I open these boxes?
The Style Swap box costs $1000 Cash to open and then the Fit Boxes inside also cost $1000 Cash to open!
Will I get Duplicates of the same Fit Box?
Yes, it is possible!
Think of the Style Swap Box like a pack of Trading Cards, you may get a more basic avatar or you may get a SUPER RARE ONE!  But don't worry,  you can trade away any Fit Boxes you receive that you don't want :)
Why can't I open my Fit Box?
Once you have an avatar you won't be able to open another box containing that avatar. So you'll have to trade that one away!

Where can I get the Best deals on ECs to open these?
You can find the best deals on EC Bundles in the PIMD Web Store!