How do I get it?

From Nov 23th, 9am (PST) to Nov 28th, 12pm (PST), the Wakehollow Raven (Trading Pass starter item) will ONLY DROP from premium parties.

Starting on Nov 28th, 12pm (PST), the Wakehollow Raven will STOP dropping from premium parties and start being sold in the shop for 189 EC🔸.

Trading Pass Sale will END on Dec 28th, 12pm (PST).


How does the Trading Pass work?

To start the quest, a Wakehollow Raven must be traded to you, and then it becomes an Activated Wakehollow Raven!

We recommend swapping Ravens with a Friend!

Once the quest is activated, you will be randomly sorted into one of three Wakehollow Houses - Leocorpus, Capramens, or Serpentanima.

After you have been sorted, you will then earn drops from the path you chose during questing!
Leocorpus students will receive the Leocorpus Cub. Capramens students will receive the Capramens Kid. And Serpentanima will receive the Serpentanima Snakelet.
You will need to trade these drops with other players to create the Baby Chimera, which is the item you will need to progress in the Trading Pass!

You earn Wakehollow Coins from the Trading Pass, which you spend in the shop to buy the rewards. So be sure to complete the pass to ensure you will have enough Wakehollow Coins to buy every reward available!

Please note that there will be no additional choices or paths, and the story quests are non-repeating.


Can I gift the Wakehollow Raven Pass or the House Drops?

Nope, sorry! This is a Trading Pass, so everything must be traded!


The Hypnocatsith is 20 MCS?! That has to be a typo, right?

It is indeed 20 MCS! Our largest stat item EVER! You won't want to miss out.





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