Tutors are other players that you can hire - when you hire someone else, you are taking them on as your tutor, and you become their Pupil. Tutors are important as they grant you a bonus to your stats. The stat boost that you receive is dependent on the Strength and Intelligence stats of the player that you hire!

You can view your tutors and hire more or drop the ones that you already have via the "Tutors" page.
To access this page, tap on the "People" button from the bottom of your home screen, and then tap on "Tutors".

Home Screen > People

Once you tap on "Tutors", you'll be brought to the following page! All your hired tutors will be listed here, and you can tap on the "Hire More" button to find more tutors.

Tutors Page

While you can hire many tutors at once, know that anybody can hire your tutors away from you at anytime. When a tutor is hired away from you, you lose the stat boost that they provided you with!

While the tutor market is a free market, be careful when you're hiring - especially when you're hiring tutors that already have pupils. Some players can be super protective of their most valuable tutors! 😉

Please also note, you cannot change your pupil. If you would like to do so, you can ask your pupil to drop you, or you can ask other players to hire you from your pupil.

If you want to learn more about Tutors and Pupils, definitely check out our article on Volleying!