Volleying is a technique performed by players to quickly increase someone's hire value!

Hire value refers to the price in Cash for someone to hire you, or how much Cash you would pay if you'd like to hire another player as your tutor. You can see anybody's hire value from their profile:

Volleying is a term that refers to the action of multiple players repeatedly hiring a single tutor off of each other in order to increase that tutor’s hire value. In a sense, two players are "volleying" one tutor back and forth. This is an effective way to increase someone's hire value in a short amount of time!

Volleying is beneficial to all parties involved:
  • Each time a tutor is hired, their hire value goes up.
  • Every time a tutor is hired away from you, you make a profit (that is capped at $1 million).
  • And of course, if you end up keeping the tutor after you are done volleying, you now have an extra tutor with a high hire value.
Expensive tutors are great because it will be harder for other players to hire them away from you. Since you are hiring the tutor with your cash, you're also "storing" your cash so that it can't be stolen from you by other players. The higher the hire value, the more money that you're keeping safe!