What are Parties?

Parties are timed events hosted by your club! Partying is key to your success in the game as you must complete parties in order to progress  stories and earn rewards. To participate in a party, you must be in a club first!

There are various types of parties with different levels of difficulty - it's important that you participate to ensure your club can complete them and to earn rewards!

There are 3 main types of Premium Parties. The harder the party, the better the rewards!

How do I know if a Party is happening?

You can see if your club has an active party from your home screen. If you look underneath your Timer button on the right-hand side, you will see ongoing parties, and how much time is left for them!  

Home Screen with ongoing Party

How do I participate in a Party?

To participate in your club's party,  tap on the party from your home screen and you'll be brought to the party's home page:

Active Party Home Screen

As mentioned earlier, members of the club will have to perform enough successful hits to complete a party. In order to do this, tap on the "Attack" button at the bottom, and you'll be brought to the following screen:

Party Action Menu

There will always be four different types of attack actions that you can perform! These actions are called hits, and with each successful hit, the respectful bar in the Party Check List will fill up. Additionally,  each successful hit that you perform will deplete your energy. All bars must be filled within the time limit for a party to be successfully completed.

What type of Rewards can I get from Parties?

You  earn rewards from parties in two ways:
  1. Each successful hit, you will earn an immediate cash reward
  2. Once the party is successfully completed, you will earn final rewards consisting of cash and other items!
Please keep in mind that failed parties do not give out final rewards - you only get your cash rewards from each of your successful hits.