Pets are adorable animal pals you can dress up and level up for stats! You can only have one pet equipped at any given time. Once equipped, the Pet will provide you with bonus stats.

Acquiring Pets & Pet Food

You can find Pets and Pet food in Pet Capsules.
A pet capsule is a timer box that can give both Pets and Pet food. You can receive Pet Capsules when you complete parties.

To open a Pet Capsule, tap on the clock icon on the main screen and swipe over the "Pets" tab. Like timer boxes, tap on a capsule to start the unlocking timer. Once the timer reaches zero, you should be able to tap on it to open it up!

You can also use items like ECs and Speed Up tokens to open capsules much faster!

Pet Management

Your pets can be managed in your profile .

STEP 1 - Scroll down to the Pets section
STEP 2 - Tap on a pet to view it

The Pet page has three tabs: Info, Level Up, and Style.

In the Info section, you can find information like the pet's family, group, sex, rarity and birthday! This is also where you can rename your pet. You can rename your pet as many times as you like without worry! Just make sure their names are appropriate and don't violate any of our Terms Of Service policies!

In the Level Up section, you can level up your pet which will reward you with greater pet stat bonuses. Here you can see what kind of food as the required quantity.

In the Style section, you can dress up your pets in different looks.

Leveling up Pets

As you feed and level your pets they will provide you with a bigger and better boost to your stats.
Each pet has special food requirements depending their family, rarity, and level.

Sometimes, as you level up your pets, you will get Pet Supply Boxes. Pet Supply Boxes can give you special pet food items that will be needed to level up Pets past certain level thresholds. If you find it has been a while since you received one of these, you may have to give some attention to your other types of Pets to earn more!

Some of these special food items include but are not limited to:
Hay Bale, Barnyard Fence, Beef Chunks, Sweet Potato Chunks, Grapes, Assorted Nuts, Strawberries, Bananas, Grasshopper, Lettuce Leave, and many more!