You can only take a username from another player if that player is deemed inactive!

We have an automated system in place that takes into consideration multiple factors when deciding whether an account is inactive or not. Because there are so many factors at play, we're unable to give a timeline of when accounts will be considered inactive - even if you send us a ticket asking for an estimated wait time.

You can actually now check if a username is inactive by going ahead and renaming yourself. If the player is inactive, the game will automatically release their username for you and rename you to it!

If not, this means that the username is considered to be in active use, and we will not be able to free it up even if you write in. Feel free to continuously check on the username’s inactivity by checking in the same way!

Please know that we will no longer be checking to see if names can be freed up as we now have this DIY system in place 🙂

You can find more details on this here.