Moderators are volunteer players who are tasked with upholding PIMD's rules and Terms of Use. Their duties include, but are not limited to:
  • Silencing players who break PIMD's Rules and Terms of Use in public chats or status messages
  • Deleting inappropriate messages on players' Walls
  • Assisting players with any game related questions and issues
  • Running contests and other engagement activities, as well rewarding participating players
You can identify a Moderator in the chat by their special Green names. You can also view the full list of active PIMD Moderators HERE.

If you'd like to apply to be a moderator, please check out the Moderator Application FAQ on the forum under Announcements. As it mentions there, we do not accept moderator applications except during specific times. We will always announce when moderator applications open up, and how long they will be open for when they do.

If you ever see anyone break PIMD's rules, act nasty, post inappropriate messages in Campus or Pub chat, or just have any questions about the game, do not hesitate to contact any of our Moderators. They'll be happy to assist you!