Silencing someone means disabling their ability to send messages in all global chats (such as Campus, Pub, and Walls). Players will be Silenced if they post a message that violates PIMD's rules and Terms of Use. In most cases it means inappropriate, offensive, or derogatory messages, or messages that threaten other player's wellbeing.

With some exceptions, Silencing in PIMD is tiered which means that:
  • First Violation will result in a 24 hour Silence
  • Second Violation within 30 days of the last one will result in a 7 day Silence
  • Third Violation within 30 days of the last one will result in a 30 day Silence
In particularly egregious or offensive cases we might decide to Silence for 30 days straight away or disable the ability to send messages permanently. Please be aware that a Permanent Silence will also disable Private Messaging and Trading. It is possible for a Permanent Silence to result in an account ban after the case is reviewed.

If you were Silenced and would like to dispute it, you can do so by sending  a message through a help ticket. However, some Silences are not open for Appeal.

You can read PIMD's Terms of Use HERE and Silencing Policy HERE.