Attempt to Log In

If you need to log back into an account you can do so  by tapping Log In on the  New Account screen and then selecting your account registration method:
  1. ATA ID
  2. Facebook Link
  3. Apple ID

Reset ATA ID Password

If you know your ATA ID Email and need to reset your ATA ID password you can do so via this Link.

Verify and Change ATA ID Email

If you no longer have access to the ATA ID Email, Facebook or Apple ID on the account, please submit a ticket by tapping the Chat button on the top right of your screen, then selecting the My Account -> Recover Account and we will walk you through basic troubleshooting and if necessary collect the below details via a form to help you out.
  1. Account username (Proper spelling and syntax is required)
  2. Account creation date (best guess; month and year)
  3. Most recent login date (month and year)
  4. Approximate geographical location of your last login (country and city)
  5. Last device type and model used to log in to the account
  6. The dates, prices and items of the last 5 purchases made on the account
  7. Name of Club
  8. Existing e-mail address (ATA ID) on the account
  9. New e-mail address (ATA ID) for the account
Once we have confirmed these details with you, we will add the new ATA ID email and send a password reset email so you can regain access to your account.

Please note in some cases we may request additional information to prove ownership.