Setting up and linking Apple ID to your PIMD Account

STEP 1 - From the PIMD home screen, tap on the "gear" looking icon at the top left corner of your screen.
STEP 2 - Tap on the "Account" button.
STEP 3 - Tap on the circular rightward arrow button next to "Sign In With Apple".
STEP 4 - A new prompt should come up on your screen asking if you would like to sign into PIMD using your Apple ID. Tap the blue "Continue" button.

STEP 5 - Another prompt should come up asking you to verify logging into your Apple ID using Face ID.

The game should restart and your PIMD account should be linked with your Apple ID. You can confirm this by going to "Account" section, the Apple section should be blank with no arrow button. It should look like the screenshot below.

Logging in/Recovering your PIMD account using Apple ID

To login or recover your account using Apple ID:

STEP 1 - On the new account setup screen, tap on the white "Recover Account" button located at on top of the avatar selection area on the right hand side.

STEP 2 - From the options, tap on the "Apple" option.

STEP 3 - This should prompt you with Face ID verification, the game should automatically log you in.

STEP 4 - You should now be on the PIMD game home page on your account!