Your purchasing may not be working either because you've previously charged back or disputed a purchase, or there is an issue with your payment method. Read on for more details!


Our system could have detected a chargeback or a disputed charge on your account. In order for us to re-enable purchasing on your account, you will need to do the following:

STEP 1 - Our team will need to temporarily re-enable purchasing in order for you to purchase the same items to balance everything out*.

Please do not use any of the re-purchased items until a member of our team has removed them.

*If the original item(s) purchased are no longer available to purchase, our team may instruct you to purchase a different item(s) of equal value.*

STEP 2 - Once you have purchased the item for removal, please let a member of our team know and they will remove the purchased items from your account's inventory.

STEP 3 - Once the items have been removed from your account, we will re-enable purchasing on your account.

This should mean you are able to make purchases again!

DISCLAIMER: In cases of repeated or excessive chargebacks an account may not be eligible for purchasing being re-enabled, and or the account may be permanently banned.

Bank Institution/Credit Card Company

Sometimes purchasing can be prevented by your banking institution or credit card company. We recommend that you contact your banking/card issuing institution to verify that there are not any problems on their end.