After purchasing your items, it can take some time for the purchase to register on your account. After the payments have been cleared, your in-game items should be dispensed to your account momentarily.

Basic Troubleshooting

In rare cases, you may not see the item in your showcase/inventory after completing your purchase.

We recommend troubleshooting by doing the following:
STEP 1 - Completely close down all instances of the game application on your mobile device.
STEP 2 - After confirming there are is no running game application, open up the game application.
STEP 3 - Wait around five minutes or so, then check your account's inventory for the items you purchased.

Google Play & Apple App Store Purchases

Purchases made in-game are handled by the Google Play Store & Apple Store. They take some time to communicate these purchases to us. Once they have cleared and confirmed the purchase, our system should automatically dispense your items to your account.

PIMD Web Store (Xsolla)

For purchases made using the Web Store, the payments are processed through Xsolla.

Sometimes these payments may show as pending on your card but haven't actually gone through yet. Please double check that the payment has completed and not been rejected, as there are many payment platforms there, and some take multiple steps to complete or may get cancelled.

If you have a purchase that you have received an email receipt for and have not received the items please let us know by submitting a ticket.

We will need you to provide the following information regarding your purchase:
  • Item(s) Purchased
  • Any screenshot(s) of purchase email/confirmation
  • Price of the item(s)
  • Time of purchase
  • The name of the account the purchase was made on
Once you have filled out the form, a member of our team will be contact shortly to assist you regarding the matter.

Alternatively you can contact the Xsolla Support team directly at the bottom of your email receipt by tapping Contact Us, or by logging in to their support portal here.