Your first step is to contact your financial institution/credit card company to confirm that they have record of the double charge.

If you are using credit cards for your purchases, certain merchants may authorize a charge to your account when you place your order. A second pending transaction might appear as well, which usually means that the financial institution has set your funds on hold until the transaction settles.

We would advise that you wait for your credit card statement to be finalized and verify that the second transaction wasn't applied to your account.

After reviewing your credit card or bank statement, if you have been double charged. Your next steps will depend on where those purchases were made.

Apple Store/Google Play Store Purchases

We are limited in terms of our power in resolving issues with purchases made in the PIMD game application.

These transactions and payments are processed and handled by the app stores. If you have been double charged, you will need to contact your respective app store's support team to inquire about getting refunded for the additional charge.

Apple will occasionally batch your receipts to prevent the number of receipts/bills they have to send you. This sometimes means a purchase you made will not generate a receipt immediately, but instead the charge will show up on your next receipt which could be days later. Please double check your receipts if you think you’ve been double charged on Apple as this is the common cause for confusion.

Google Play Store - Purchase Support

Apple Store - Purchase Support

PIMD Webstore

For purchases made using the PIMD Web Store, the payments are processed through Xsolla.

Sometimes these payments may show as pending on your card but haven't actually gone through yet. Please double check that the payment has completed and not been rejected, as there are many payment platforms there, and some take multiple steps to complete or may get cancelled.

After confirming with your banking institution or credit card company that you have been double charged, we will need you to provide the following information regarding your purchase:
  • Item(s) Purchased
  • Any screenshot(s) of purchase email/confirmation
  • Price of the item(s)
  • Time of purchase
  • The name of the account the purchase was made on
Once you have filled out the form, a member of our team will be contact shortly to assist you regarding the matter.

Alternatively you can contact the Xsolla Support team directly at the bottom of your email receipt by tapping Contact Us, or by logging in to their support portal here.