Keeping PIMD a safe and welcoming space for everyone is extremely important to us!

If you see a player who is violating our Terms of Use or Silencing Policy, and you don't believe it has been addressed, please report them.

Please note Private Messages are not monitored and are not eligible for report and review. Should you receive unwanted Private Messages of Gift Messages please Block the player.

Should you need to report a player, there are four ways to do so.

#1. Reporting a player via their profile

STEP 1 - Tap onto a player's profile, and scroll all the way down to the bottom. You should see a "Privacy" section, and here you'll find the "Report" button.  Tap on this button, and confirm that you'd like to continue with your report!

STEP 2 - You'll then see a pop-up where you can explain your reason for reporting a player, or you can select a default option from the list provided.

STEP 3 - Once you're ready to submit your report, tap the "Send" button on the top right-hand corner. You'll know that your report has been successfully submitted as you'll see a confirmation pop-up.

#2. Reporting a player in Campus/Pub Chat/Walls

STEP 1 - Tap and hold on a player's message or Wall Post, and you'll see a pop-up screen appear so that you can report the player.

STEP 2 - Tap on the "Yes" button, and you report will be successfully submitted.

#3. Sending us a Help-Ticket

Finally, in the case of a severe offence, or one where you believe action has not already been taken, you can send us a help-ticket, and we will review the situation to take action where necessary.

Before opening a ticket, please be sure you have the following details:
  • Username of the player you are reporting
  • The violation
  • Where it happened within the game
  • When it happened within the game
The more information we have about the situation, the better!

#4. Contact a Moderator

Our moderator team are an amazing group of volunteers that are active almost 24/7 to help keep PIMD safe.

You can recognize a moderator by their Green Name in public chats.  They are dedicated folks that monitor public chats and our Discord to ensure no one is being too much of a jerk!

If you see a moderator feel free to say Hi, and if there is something you feel needs to be address feel free to let them know and they'll do what they can!