If a player is making you feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or making inappropriate/offensive remarks towards you, please know that you can block them.  

How do I Block?

STEP 1 - In order to block a player, go to their profile and scroll to the very bottom. You should be see a "Block" button!

STEP 2 - After you tap the "Block" button, a confirmation pop-up will appear.

STEP 3 - Tap  "Continue" and you're all done!

What does Blocking do?

Blocking a player will prevent a player from doing the following:
  • Sending you a friend request
  • Sending you a gift
  • Sending you a private message
  • Writing on your wall

Blocked List

You can see all the players that you've blocked by going to your Blocked List.  To find your Blocked List, tap on the gear button on the top left-hand corner to access your game Settings.

Settings Menu to get to Blocked List

Tap the "Communication" button, and then tap on the "Blocked" button to see all the players that you have

Finding Blocked List via Settings > Communication
If you would like to unblock someone, you can do so at anytime! Simply go to your Blocked List, and then tap the "Unblock" button next to the player who you'd like to unblock.

How to Unblock from Block List

Keep in mind that when you block or unblock another player, they will NOT be notified. Likewise, you will not be notified if a player blocks or unblocks you.