Your username is one of the best ways to express yourself!

All new accounts have one free name change. After the first name change, all additional name changes will cost 20 Extra Credits.

To change your name, tap into your profile and tap on the little pencil button (the "Edit" button) next to your username.

Edit Button next to Username

You'll then be brought to the following screen, where you can enter  the username that you would like to have. Please keep in mind the character limit, as well as the rules we have when choosing your new username!

Username Edit Screen

If you get the following error message, this means that the username you have chosen is not valid.

Username Invalid Error

Usernames may not be valid for many reasons, including:
  • the username is already taken by another player
  • the username exceeds our character limit
  • the username contains invalid words or symbols
If the username you want is already in use, please refer to this article here.

Lastly, please make sure your username follows our Terms of Use. Usernames that violate our Terms of Use will result in action being taken against your account.