The majority of issues you may encounter in game are temporary visual issues, where an item may not display correctly, or a count may take a little bit of time to update.

These issues should resolve themselves within a minute or two on their own.

If an issue like this persists, longer than a few minutes, please perform the following steps to resolve it:

STEP 1 - Try switching screens to see if the issue still persists.
Example: Go from the Store page to the main page and then to your Dorm tower.

STEP 2 - Try restarting the game.

STEP 3 - Check to see if you have enough storage on your device.
If it's full or near full the game might not be able to download and update new art assets. Delete any unused apps, photos, music, or anything else to free up more storage.

STEP 4 - Clear your device's cache.
  • For Android: go to Settings on your device and go to Apps / Applications > Google Play Store OR Google Play Services > Storage and tap the Clear Cache button
  • For iOS: launch the App Store app from your iPhone or iPad Home screen. Then tap ten times on any of the tab buttons at the bottom (Featured, Top Charts, Explore, Search, Updates). This should give you the latest update
STEP 5 - Try switching from Wifi to a Cellular Data connection or vice versa.

STEP 6 - Wait a little bit to see if the issue still persists

STEP 7 - Try deleting and reinstalling the app
  • Warning for Android users: if you reinstall the game you will lose your Help ticket history. If you're mid-ticket you can re-open it, and the Team Member helping you will still see the history.
If your issue was not resolved after following these steps then open a ticket with us. Please make sure to describe the issue in as much detail as possible and mention any error messages if you've received them. We may also ask you to provide us with a Screenshot or Screen recording, so please have those prepared.