Farming is the term that players use for repeatedly attacking another player using PvP actions in-game.

You'll often see farming referred to as SFW, or a Strip Farm War, this is a specific PvP behaviour in which a player hires all of another player’s tutors, then attacks them repeatedly (“farms” them) for the cash they received from the hires.

Farming can often be difficult to deal with as it usually involves a stronger player hitting a weaker player, but as it does fall under regular Player vs. Player mechanics, we are limited in how we can help.

If farming moves into verbal harassment through private channels, you can block the player by tapping the Block button at the bottom of their profile.

If such behaviour continues into public channels (campus chat, player walls) please let us know what you saw, the username of the player(s) involved, and when and where it happened, and we will follow up.

If you continue having trouble with farming, the Moderator team put together a forum post with helpful tips on how best to handle farmers, which you can find here.