The web store is a website where you can purchase all of the things you would in the game, but directly from us at a discount!
It can be reached at!
The major benefit to the PIMD Web Store is purchases come directly to us without any crazy processing fees from Apple or Google. Without processing fees, we can provide greater discounts to y'all!
You also earn Reward Points (RP . . . no not that kind of RP!) which stack up weekly to unlock additional free rewards! The more your purchase through the webstore, the more rewards you unlock!

Why should I shop there?

⭐️ UNLOCK Free Stuff with Reward Points!
🎁 HUGE Bundles and Offers!
🤯 Pay however you want!
🤗 Improved Purchase Assistance!
💜 Support the game you love!

How does it work?

webstore instructions
Please also note that the PIMD Web Store will show prices in USD. Once you click Buy Now, the payment window will reflect the total price with your local currency and taxes. You can tap the total price to see your breakdown with taxes.

Please note: We are unable to offer access to the Web Store in Germany, China, Belgium, Slovakia, Japan and the Netherlands due to regional restrictions.

How do reward points work?

Login to the Web Store as you normally would and place a purchase to earn your points!


How can I see the Price in my Local Currency?

By default the PIMD Web Store reflects the price in USD. When you select an item to purchase it will first ask you to select a payment method, once you've done this scroll down to Green Text that shows your Total Price. 
You can tap on this Price to see your subtotal before and after conversion.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have saved your card on file, selecting this card again will automatically complete the purchase. 

In this case to see the breakdown, you'll need to select "Choose Another Payment Method", then select "Credit/Debit Cards" and scroll down to see the Total Price!

Total Price

If you need more info, check out the Forum Post that has details on the most recent updates!