Setting up an ATA ID with a Password

STEP 1 - From the PIMD home screen, tap on the "gear" looking icon at the top left corner of your screen.
STEP 2 - Tap on the "Account" button.
STEP 3 - Tap on the button "Connect with ATA"
STEP 4 - In the new menu you will see a "Sign up with a password instead" button at the bottom. Once you press on it you will see a prompt asking for your Email and Password. This Email address will become your ATA ID.
STEP 5 - After you input an Email you should receive a message on that address. You must click on the email button from the same tablet/phone that requested the link. If you try the link from a desktop, or a different device, it won't work. This step is required to verify your Email, but you can still use your attached Email and Password to login.


IMPORTANT NOTE: PIMD Web Store will only work if you have an ATA ID attached with a password.

Logging in/Recovering your PIMD account using ATA ID

To login or recover your account using ATA ID:
STEP 1 - On the new account setup screen, tap on the white "Log In" button located at on top of the avatar selection area.
STEP 2 - This should prompt you with an option to "Login with ATA"
STEP 3 - Input your account's attached ATA ID Email and password and if the information you've input is correct, you will log right into your account.