Setting up a Facebook Link is quick and makes it super easy to log back into your account!

STEP 1 - Login to the Facebook account you wish to connect to your PIMD account in the Facebook App.

STEP 2 - Go to Settings -> Account and tap "Connect with Facebook"

STEP 3 - Tap Continue on the Pop-Up that asks you to confirm you are comfortable sharing information to Facebook.

If you have an account already registered to Facebook on this device.  You will see a screen which asks you to choose which account should be linked to Facebook.

PLEASE NOTE: This will remove the Facebook Link from the one account and move it to the other. If you do so, it may make your other account inaccessible.

STEP 4 - Tap Continue again on the Facebook Pop-up that asks you to "Allow activity from Party in My Dorm to stay connected to your Facebook account."

STEP 5 - Tap Continue one more time and you are done!