We are always excited to hear feedback or suggestions from our PIMD players, as that is where the best ideas come from!

We have a number of different ways to provide the feedback about PIMD  and our tools. The 3 best ways are:

Speak up in the Forums

Whenever we launch a new event or new feature there is plenty of room for comments! Our team regularly reads these, and if we see helpful suggestions that we want more info on we may just slide into your DM's! 😉

You can find the forum's here, but you'll need to open it via the Forum button in-game to be able to make your comments!

Post in the Discord

Our discord is full of some of our most dedicated players and is a great place to post a suggestion and see what others think! You can post your idea in the #feedback-submission channel and then talk about it with others in the #feedback-discussion channel. Our dev's regularly lurk these, although you may not see us commenting, know that we are keeping an eye out for cool ideas!

Join our discord here!

Write us a Help Ticket

If you have an idea that you think is fully formed, or helpful feedback about how the new Help System is working, please write us a Help Ticket.

STEP 1 - Tap the Chat button on the top right of the Help Centre Screen.

STEP 2 - Choose the Feedback and Reports option.

STEP 3 - Chose the Suggestions option.

STEP 4 - Our PIMD Support Bot will collect the details and pass it to one of our Team Members for review and follow up questions!

Please note, not all feedback is immediately actionable. A lot of time, testing and work goes into new features, events and content, so just because we may really like an idea, doesn't mean it will happen right away. In some cases we may even find, we love an idea but there is a reason it just won't work.

We appreciate all your help and patience while we continue to make PIMD amazing!