Premium parties are parties that reward players with the most collection items and cash rewards!

These parties include:
🍕 Pizza Pop (Art)
😸 Cat Cafe
🐶 Dog Star!

There are also Limited-Time premium parties available during certain events or holidays, details for these will be available in the forums when they happen.

These parties can only be started when a Club has them unlocked.

How do I unlock them?

To unlock each of these parties, the Club needs to complete each preceding party (at least once) in the category of these premium parties.

As an example, here is the list of parties for Art Skool, the category that has the Pizza Pop (Art) premium party! Each of those needs to be fully completed before the final, premium party is unlocked for you and your Club!

How do I start a premium party?

Now that you have those parties unlocked, each premium party requires a special item in order to start!

🍕 Pizza Pop (Art) requires 1 Pizza Bikini!
😸 Cat Cafe requires 1 Hypnocat!
🐶 Dog Star requires 2 Moneydogs!

Once you have those items, and your Club has started one of these parties, the player with the item will need to use it.

How do I use an Item?

STEP 1 - Use or "drop" an Item by selecting the Item action.

STEP 2 - Select the item required for this type of party and hit Continue!

The player who uses the item, clears the bar, opening up the party to the rest of the club!
This player is usually referred to as the "dropper".

Now your Club can all join in and enjoy the party!